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We're gonna add you to Arab male groups on messenger apps, which will allow you to reach thousands of Arab members.
Once you have subscribed, you will receive an email asking for the phone number attached to your messenger app account.

Once you have sent your introduction message to the group, you will be able to add them, or being added, individually in private on Skype, Whatsapp or Telegram.
What you say to your private partners does not concern us.

You need to install Skype, Whatsapp or Telegram on your phone or computer.

  • Most of them are well hung, but usually modest: take your time before asking a picture
  • All of them are fluent in Arabic and speak basic or good English
  • They may need a visa to visit you in your country. This is your business
  • You may do sex cam with some of them. This is your business. Please note that most Arab countries have only 4G networks.
  • You may exchange porn pictures with Arab men. Your business too.
  • You are allowed to send one message per day on the group (no limitations in private messages). More is spam.
  • If same-sex marriage may be legal in your country, it is not in Arab countries. Should you wish to wed, you will have to do it in your own country or one of its consulates.
  • Arab men easily accept to come to your country (​​as long as they have a visa) and move to your place.
  • Don’t send more than one message per day on the group. We recommend a simple message such as: “My name is [name] and I’m looking to chat with Arab men. I live in [country, city]. Please contact me in private”.
  • The sole purpose of this service is to put you in touch with Arab men. No links or other irrelevant contents will be tolerated.

Who's in charge ?

The habib's team - founder of this website - is in in charge of adding you to groups using mobiles. There are specialists.

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$19Access to 1 group
$19Access to 1 group
  • Unlimited private messages

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$29Access to 5 groups
  • Unlimited private messages

Access to 10 groups

$59Access to 10 groups
$59Access to 10 groups
  • Unlimited private messages